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Author ProRinger Author - Apr 02, 2021
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As homeowners, we all know that projects around the house are part of life. However, the majority of us do not know how to fix every item that might breakdown or needs attention. Millions of people a day search for professionals in their local area for services that they need to complete home projects. However, it's hard to find a selection of Pros that you might trust. Family, friends, neighbors even co-workers are certainly a great source to connect with a pro. Often times it's hard to connect with all these sources quickly and get the information of those referrals easily. That's where ProRinger can help. We connect homeowners to local pros with just a couple of taps or clicks. 

In this article, we will discuss how ProRinger works and how you can signup for free to connect with just about any pro for any home project. Let's get started by answering some of the most common questions we see.

Is ProRinger really a FREE service

Whether you post a project and sit back and let us do the work or manually browse local pros in your area, our service is 100% free to you. We will never ask you for a credit card or any type of payment.  When we say free, it means free for life. 

This means you can post and search all of the pros and services you would like. There are no limits to the number of pros you can connect with. Giving you a great opportunity to build out your favorites list inside your account. Never lose track of your favorite pros, they will always be just a tap away. 

Many other services limit homeowners to the number of pros that they can connect with on a project. It's our belief, that you should have total control of which pros you would like to screen. Ultimately empowering you to make the best decision of what pro you are most comfortable with hiring. 

Is there an App available for ProRinger

Yes. ProRinger has apps available for homeowners and pros on both Apple (App Store) and Android (Play Store) devices. Our apps are available and free to all users to download and use on any compatible device that they would like.

Android versions:
Homeowner App
Pro App

iOS apps will be launched very very soon. If you would like to be notified when it comes available. Contact us and drop us a note similar to this: I am interested in being notified when the Apple App is available. Provide the email you would for us to email and we will put you on the list to be notified. 

What we mean by very very close? We are working on finalizing the initial build to submit it to the Apple store. Check back with us soon to be among the first to get the app for the iPhone. We are growing and we want to provide you with all the tools needed to succeed on our platform.

How does the ProRinger Service work

Homeowners can create a free account to post jobs, search for local pros, add pros to their favorites list, submit reviews & ratings, and a lot more. Let's dive a little deeper into the service ProRinger offers. 

First, you create an account. It's super easy and fast. ProRinger does not require any sensitive information. We will need your name and an address (the street address is never shared) so that we can pair you with pros in your location. You can add a phone number and mark it private so that it is not available for anyone to view. 

  • Posting a Project 
Posting a project is as simple as tapping a couple of answers and writing a brief description of the project you need help with. Add a photo to help Pros get a clearer picture of what you need help with. Post your project and then wait for pros to respond. You can get emails or app notifications directly on your device. It's never been this simple connecting with a pro.

  • Searching for a Pro
If you prefer to search for pros in your area, we made that really easy for you also. Find the search pro icon or link and simply browse all the pros in your area. You can contact them direct within ProRinger and never fear that your personal information is shared until you personally provide that to the pro. Of course, at some point in time, you will need to schedule a time for a physical inspection of the project, but it's at your discretion. You have total control over that.

  • Adding Pros to a favorites list
We think it's very important to offer an area where you can add trusted pros to your favorites list. For example, if you have worked with a pro before and are happy with their service you might keep their information in your favorites list. Allow you to literally have them available at one tap for your reference or referring family, friends, co-workers or neighbor. Simplifying your life just a tad. 

  • Reading Pro Reviews
You are welcome to view and read all of the reviews you would like. It's important that our community shares their experiences with others on our platform. This is one important part of building a community where users can trust they are finding pros that are capable of completing their project professionally.

  • Communicating with Pros
We offer an integrated chat system to help keep your information safe and improve the availability of communications. You can be instantly notified of any communications through our system directly on your device or via email notification. Especially in a time-sensitive situation. 

  • Hiring a Pro
When you mark a pro as hired on the service we will automatically notify all other interested pros that the project is no longer available.  So you can focus on working with the pro you have chosen for the job. This prevents any unwanted requests and simplifies how you manage your project.

  • Submitting a Review
It is recommended to only review a pro after they have finished your project. Once you mark the pro hired you will have the opportunity to review and share your real experience with that pro. 

Where can I create a free account

There are several ways you can get started with ProRinger.  You could download the app from the app store/play store or go to the web and visit the ProRinger website. The process is super easy no matter the method you pick. You can sign up with one click using the Facebook signup or you can create your account using the manual method. Either way takes less than 30 seconds to complete. 

Post Projects and Search Local Pros

Yes, you can post your project and search all of the local pros in your area. We do not limit our users on the number of pros that you can get quotes from. This provides you more opportunity and a larger pool of Pros to pick the right pro for your project.

In most cases, our users love just posting projects and getting responses from local pros. We love getting your project in front of the right professional that can help you get the job completed. When you post a project a notification goes out to pros in your area letting them know that there is a new project posted in the services they offer. From there if they elect to respond you will get all sorts of responses. If at any time you feel you found the right pro. Mark them as hired and all other notifications will be stopped on that project. Then just continue to work with that pro to complete the project you need help with. 

If you would like to contact a pro directly in the search area that is completely fine also. Look around, search all the pros and then when you think you have found a pro for the job you need help with, contact them directly. Simple stuff, simple life. 

My friend is a Pro can they add their services

Yes, most certainly they can! We would love to have them as part of our network. This is the foundation of how we are building out our network and it helps your friend expand into an untapped source of leads. Plus, it is free for pros to get listed

We love it when our community helps spread the word about our service, it's shows us that we are doing something right and that our members are enjoying the service enough to share it with their friends and social networks. That is definitely appreciated and we thank you very much for taking the time to do that.

We would love to hear from you

We would love to hear from you. If you have questions or concerns we can get them answered for you. Or if you just want to say hi that is fine as well. We hope this short introduction to ProRinger helps you understand a little more about service. We love helping people connect and helping businesses grow. Together as a community projects around the home have no chance of not getting completed. Let us help, find a pro on ProRinger and get your project completed as soon as today! Don't forget to sign up and post your project today. 

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