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Author ProRinger Author - Oct 30, 2018
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Taking on a bathroom renovation can be very daunting. Especially if you are planning to DIY it. There are a lot of things that are easy and quick updates; stuff like repainting or changing out the lighting. But when you get into the bigger stuff, like replacing a shower it can be cause for pause. 

Creating that dream bathroom


This is one of the simplest task in updating that outdated bathroom. A fresh coat of paint on the walls can drastically change the look and feel of any space.

As long as you are not rerouting any plumbing this should be a simple task. New faucets can set the tone to the overall fit and finish to you new design. There are thousands of different faucets and color combinations so picking a faucet that is perfect might be your biggest challenge here.

Although this can be completed as a DIY is important to note this can be very dangerous if you have no experience working with electricity. If you are a novice we would recommend outsourcing this one to a licensed electrician. Lighting will set the tone and mode of the space. Choosing the right light fixtures can be the difference between night and day. 

Changing the toilet make sound difficult but really it's not that hard. Disconnect the water, drain the bowl and loosen up two bolts and have it removed. So for that reason we added this on in the small stuff section.

Accents and Decorations.
Installing a new framed mirror, adding handles to the cabinets and drawers, placing a decorative center piece and other items to enhance the look and feel of the bathroom. 

Think outside the normal


Picking the right tub can make or break the design you are trying to achieve. Installing a tub typically multiple people. In some cases where a jetted tub is desired you may need to run power to the area for the pump. In theory tubs may sound simple to install but typically there are small issues that come up that might require a trip to the local hardware store.

Picking the right flooring and options can be overwhelming. For example; Do you go with tile flooring? What size and design? 2x2, 6x6, 12x12, 18x18, 12x24 or do you use a combination of sizes? What type of backer board should be used? There are hundreds or adhesives to adhere the tile to the floor. What spacing should be used between the tile; 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 and so on. Then picking the right grout to fill those spaces. Those are just some of the factors when you choose the tile option. If you choose another option there are factors like waterproofing and durability that need to be addressed. So in short, know what you want before you start this one. 

Unlimited space

Tile showers are great because they are fully customizable, but it requires extensive waterproofing and is a time consuming installation. Usually, tile costs more and is associated with a more custom finish. If you are new to tiling it is not recommended to do this as a DIY. The great thing with tiled showers is that you can let your imagination run wild!

If you are planning on changing the layout of your current configuration a couple thing to take into consideration might be plumbing, electric and the structural integrity. Lets briefly talk about the structural integrity of a space. If you plan on opening up a space by removing walls it is important to know whether those walls are load bearing or not. If your unsure what that means then it is recommended to hire a professional before swinging the sledgehammer.     

Counter Tops.
Everyone these days want granite counter tops. The reality is that most people can't DIY granite counter tops for a variety of reasons. These type of materials take specialized tools to properly install. Also it require several strong individuals to pack and place the stone into position. Although a beautiful addition to just about any space this one is probably one you are going to have to hire a pro to complete.

Although removing and installing bathroom cabinets are not the hardest this is still a modest task to complete for a DIYer. In some cases you will be able to complete the vanity and the tops as a package deal at local hardware stores. This way you get a custom top without having to hire a pro to come in and install granite or some other custom material. 

Do not for get the windows

If the space has windows you can dress them up to make them absolutely beautiful. This will take some custom cutting so make sure you have the right tools for the job. When done right, this could be the wow factor!

Before and Afters

Good luck in your bathroom remodel. We would love to hear from you and even see your before and after photos. Post you comments below. 

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