Frequently Asked Questions

ProRinger is a service that connects property owners and real estate service providers of all types. Homeowners can post projects and get in direct contact with local pros.  

Property owners can create a free account to post jobs, search for local pros, add pros to their favorites list, submit reviews & ratings and a lot more. Business owners can post their business, customize their listings, create a portfolio, apply for jobs, get unlimited leads, create a job watchlist, receive reviews and ratings to help build their business.

No. ProRinger is completely free to all homeowners. Create an account and post any home project. We have simplified the project posting steps so it is quick and simple to get your project listed with a couple clicks. We will instantly send out your project to pros that service your area and that type of project. Finding a pro to get a project completed could not be easier.

You should receive your confirmation within seconds but in some cases it could take up to 30 minutes maximum. If you have not received it within 30 minutes (check your junk/spam folder) try resending the confirmation email at If you still do not receive the confirmation email, please contact us.

Listing your business is very simple and a quick process. Just click the "Become A Pro" button in the header on the right. That will take you to the right area to add your business. 

No. It is free to add your business to our network. Get started by clicking the "Become A Pro" button in the header. Customize your business listing to showcase your services. 

Our focus is to provide a service to both property owners and service professionals that they can literally use for free. Like most free services (example: YouTube) that offer helpful, high-quality content - we are ad-supported. We hope you understand that a service like ours takes a lot of moving parts and those moving parts cost money to keep working correctly. Enable to keep it free, we choose to be ad-supported. We generate revenue from ad placements on our network. We try to place those ads in areas that are not intrusive to the user experience and only display ads that you might find interesting. 

We also offer a premium service to pros. This is a service that helps promote your business, unlocks unlimited leads, and also removes the ads. You will be able to verify your business and get added exposure. We offer that service at a very reasonable cost. Probably the best marketing investment you can make for your business, anywhere. 

We appreciate each and every user and look forward to helping homeowners and pros connect.

ProRinger is currently available to all areas in the United States and Canada. Sign Up is free.

No. We do not employ any of the service providers that have listed their business.

Our network includes service pros for just about any home-related service, from finding a real estate agent to home remodeling and even locating a lender for a home loan. In addition, we continue to expand as more businesses list their services. If we do not have the service category that you are looking for listed – contact us and we will work on adding that service.

Rather than just pairing you with a handful of professionals, we give you the freedom to search through every service professional listed on ProRinger. We simplified that process for you by starting your search with pros who are closest to you. You can read reviews from our property owners who have worked with those professionals. We have integrated a recommendation section where you can read recommendations made by both homeowners and pros. Pros have the option to upload and display past work, certifications, licenses and even referrals that you can contact. This can be found in their portfolio tab, so do not forget to check that out. Most professionals have linked their account to their website and major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn so you can dive deeper to determine whether you would like to hire them or not. We focus on providing you all the information you need to make an informed decision on who you choose to hire for the work on your property.

No. Whether or not you choose to hire someone through our service is completely your choice

Pro reviews and ratings are perhaps the most important service we offer to our users. They help keep track of the quality of service provided by the service professionals that have added their service to our network. You are encouraged to submit a review for any service professional you have worked with. When you do, you not only help other consumers make the right choice, you also contribute to the overall quality of service we offer.

It's hard for us to know exactly when your job is complete so submit your review rating whenever you would like. Visit the professional’s public profile page and locate “Write a Review” and submit your review. However, it is recommended that you do not submit the reviews before your job is complete. Once you submit a review it is permanent. If you have marked a pro as hired, you can submit your review from your dashboard or from within the chat conversation. 

Yes. You will have to opportunity to respond publicly to all reviews that have been submitted for your business. 

Yes. You can contact them directly by using the "Send Message" option on their public profile.

In short, Yes. When a homeowner post a new project in your service area for a service that you offer, you will recieve the lead in your dashboard. From there you will be able to easliy locate the project and respond directly. The conversation will be initiated once the homeowner responds in the internal messaging system aka "project chat conversation."

On the other hand if they homeowner sends you a direct mesaage from your public profile you will see that in your leads as well but once you respond the chat conversation will be initiated and the two of you can work out the details of the project.

Note: All intial contact must be made via the internal chat messenger through the apps or website.

All contracts are handled outside of ProRinger between the project poster and the pro that is completing the service. The decision to stop a project will have to be worked out between the parties involved. Expect to pay for work performed and materials that have been used up to that point. We do ask that you remember to come back to complete your review and rating of any pro that you have worked with.

Your feedback is vital. With any credible grievance process, we first evaluate both sides of the story before making any decisions. Often, an unpleasant experience is the result of a simple misunderstanding between the two parties. However, if there is a negative trend against the professional, we reserve the right to remove a service professional from our network.

You should always visit the professionals public profile page. In this area you will find licenses, certifications or other qualifications that they have shared to help identify their credentials. If you do not see a licenses or certifications for that pro, feel free to contact them directly via the messaging system and ask them to provide you with proof that they are licensed, certified, bonded and insured. 

Also on their company profile you can find information like business hours, a full company description and even a work portfolio. Most reputable businesses will have all this information included on their business profile page.   

Note: Some services do not require any professional training or certifications. To verify, complete a simple online search for license and certification requirements in your state.

First, post your project on ProRinger. This will help increase the number of professionals that will find your project. Pay close attention to all responses and to any contracts that a pro might ask you to sign. It is your responsibility as a customer to get estimates, and all prices should be clearly stated on the contracts. If something is unclear to you, ask questions. If you don’t receive enough bids on your job posting feel free to search for pros in your area and contact those pros directly and ask them what they charge for the services you are looking to have completed.